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Emmaus Baptist College is dedicated to Academic Excellence, striving to teach the whole counsel of God through the various programs offered in your degree field of choice. Click below to learn more about our programs designed just for you.

School of Christian Education.png

The Emmaus School of Christian Education is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in teaching in a Christian school. 

School of Bible Languages.png

The Emmaus School of Bible Languages is here to train Bible students to excel in Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek and have a foundation in other ancient Biblical languages and scripts.

Emmaus Baptist Seminary.png

Join our chorus in the Emmaus School of Sacred Music for study in music theory, choir directing, instruments, and general music ministry!

School of Christian Counseling.png

The Emmaus School of Christian Counseling is tailored for pastors, chaplains and Christian workers who wish to hone their skills in Biblically based counseling.

School of Ministry.png

The Emmaus School of Ministry is designed for those who are preparing for full time ministry with a focus on pastoring or youth ministry.

School of Theology.png

The Emmaus School of Theology is designed for the student that  desires to have a robust knowledge of the Scriptures and Theology.

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