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The Emmaus School of Christian Counseling provides a Christ-centered approach to counseling by providing a comprehensive curriculum that includes biblical foundations, human development theory, spiritual formation and counseling skills. The school also offers online courses for those who are unable to attend classes on campus. Degree fields include:

Bachelor of Christian Counseling

Master of Christian Counseling

There are many theories that try to explain how people think, feel and behave; however, there is only one thing that explains and gives answers to aspects of human behavior – God's Word! Therefore, it is important that you study counseling from a biblical perspective so that you can advise, comfort, and guide within the framework of Biblical principles and truths. The Bible is the ultimate source of truth for all Christians. Therefore, it should be the foundation for everything we do in counseling.

Emmaus Baptist College is currently in the development stages of this program. Student will have the opportunity to apply to the School of Christian Counseling soon.

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