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An Overview of the Growth Strategy for Emmaus Baptist College

Updated: Aug 12, 2022


• State of the Art Online Program - all classes available online, streaming capabilities in each classroom

• Raise academic excellence – Gordon Rule Requirements for Undergraduate Studies

• Broaden the curriculum to include new programs of study

• Establish a first-class Theological Research Library

• Require guided internships for all ministerial students


• Establish the College reputation as a conservative, KJV only, mission-minded training center

• Establish a full-time recruiting campaign

• Use targeted online and postal advertising campaigns with specific budgetary allotments for advertising

• Make Baptist Anchor Full Color Quarterly Magazine available in print and online


• Plan a workable budget and assess teacher pay on an annual basis

• Apply for accreditation with Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

• Institute an alumni and private donor funding campaign for college operations

• Establish a locked endowment fund to build future equity

• Establish a Trust fund for student scholarships


• Open adjunct campuses around the Southeastern US

• Build a new educational building and chapel capable of being a central meeting location for the State association

• Increase student apartment housing with 2 separate multi-story student dormitories. (Male/Female) with detached housing available for families.

• Quarterly Conferences: (Bible Conference / Global Mission Conference / Ministerial Leadership Conference/ Targeted Workshops)

• Future plans for Commons and Student Center to be made available for associational and church use

• Annual Trips for faculty and students –Short-Term Mission Trips, Holy-Land Tours, City Outreach, Ministers Retreats

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